Connectivity Tools

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Connectivity Tools

Share shipment details and get access to claims insights when using InsureShield® Connect.

Share Your Insured Shipment Details

You have three options to insure your shipments. Choose the option that best meets your business needs.

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InsureShield® Smart Upload

Integrate APIs into your business software to automate insurance election and claims submission

Share insured shipments using select shipping and ecommerce platforms – no coding or software needed

Share insured transactions through a secure portal

Connection Points

TMS, ERP, IMS, OMS, WMS, and more

Shopify and ShipStation

Manual upload through the InsureShield® online portal

Insurance Election

Transactional election through rules-based coverage or within label manifestation

Automatic coverage for all shipments or set business rules based on order value and/or shipment destination

Transactional, manual selection of shipments you want to insure

Key Features
  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced human error by setting rule-based coverage preferences
  • Automated claims to reduce key entry during the claims process
  • No file upload required
  • Set it and forget it insurance
  • Automated data feed that insures shipments as they are processed
  • Easy setup; typically takes less than five minutes to complete
  • Manual coverage election at time of shipping
  • Easy file upload required on day transactions are declared
  • Immediate feedback on missing or invalid data fields during file upload
  • Visibility of uploaded files
Technical Lift





IT resources to program APIs

Using Shopify or ShipStation for order fulfillment


Ideal For

Businesses with access to IT professionals

Merchants selling on supported platforms

Businesses with limited technical resources

More Details

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Connectivity is critical. We offer cutting edge connective technologies and APIs to help keep your business running smoothly.