Customer Stories

AfterShip Amplifies the Post-Purchase Experience

UPS Capital helps AfterShip’s retailers and DTC brands recover when there’s a loss or damage.

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Founded in 2012 as a tracking and visibility solution, AfterShip has since expanded to include fulfillment and returns, with the goal of driving customer loyalty and additional sales for retailers and DTC brands.

The Challenge

Recognizing industry demand and creating a competitive advantage for retailers and DTC brands

AfterShip noticed several brands starting to adopt shipping protection which led them to search for a shipping insurance provider.  The goal was to integrate a solution within their platform to make the offering seamless for their merchants and to offer protection to consumers at cart checkout.

The Solution

InsureShield® shipping protection helps provide peace of mind

AfterShip fully integrated shipping protection from UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. and claims management within their platform, allowing retailers and DTC brands to make things right with their customer the moment loss, damage or porch piracy occurs. The benefits with InsureShield shipping protection are two-fold. For customers, this provides peace of mind that issues with their shipment will be resolved easily; and for AfterShip’s merchant partners, this helps offer them the opportunity to act as the hero, offering exceptional customer service, at no cost to them.

The Results

An automated claims process to empower customers and increase conversion 

Offering a one-stop-shop for the entire post-purchase experience has proven to be a competitive differentiator for AfterShip and their partners, with retailers and DTC brands already seeing the value and an uptick in their online store conversion rates. One merchant shared “I am seeing the benefit of AfterShip Protection… the claim approval time is the shortest of any solution I’ve used in the past.”

“InsureShield shipping protection was exactly what we were looking for, but more than we expected. From the start, our relationship has been built in a spirit of partnership,” said Andrew Chan, co-founder of AfterShip.

Additional Customer Stories

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