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Picture Perfect

An easy guide for submitting photos to support your claim.

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What’s the story: Refer to these convenient photo tips if you experience damage to your shipments.

Why it matters: Providing proper documentation will help expedite your claim evaluation.

If your shipment appears damaged or to be missing contents when received, attach the following four types of photos to support your shipping insurance claim.

1. External Packaging
Take photos of the affected outside box or other packaging, making sure to show the packaging type, box strength/quality taping and labels (i.e., fragile shipments). Photos taken prior to unboxing may help prove concealed damage.

2. Internal Packaging Materials
Inadequate cushioning can be another cause of damage. Photos should show packaging and other materials used for cushioning the goods.

3. Merchandise
Snap pics of the damaged products. Note the damage to your goods in your photo with an arrow, if possible, to help the adjuster see the damaged area. A few minutes spent doing so may save hours of time in back-and-forth communication.

4. Tracking Label or Bill of Lading

This confirms the package details.

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