Customer Stories

Confidence Replaces Risk

DataVision streamlines high-volume shipping operations by integrating insurance.

Electronics store with a variety of items

From its New York City base, DataVision has become one of the largest online retailers of major-brand consumer electronics. The company uses three different carriers to ship approximately 8,000 packages a week.

The secret of their success, according to CEO Jimmy Garson, is simple. “We have the goods, and we get them there on time. That’s the experience the customer is looking for.”

The Challenge

Standard carrier liability wasn’t providing ample coverage

Much of the cost to replace lost and damaged items came out of the company’s slim margins. When they tried relying on standard carrier liability, it didn’t always produce a positive experience.

“Claims were a headache,” said Jimmy.

The Solution

A seamless technology integration and more comprehensive insured shipping coverage

DataVision implemented InsureShield™ Connect to insure just the packages they wanted to, for any carrier, without an annual premium. The company was able to seamlessly integrate UPS Capital’s suite of APIs into their existing e-commerce platform to automatically insure items of $300 in value or greater.

The Result

Happy customers and continued repeat business

With the built-in API, DataVision doesn’t have to worry about which shipments are covered. When they have to file or track a claim, they can easily use the online claims portal, which is available 24/7.

Since most claims are paid within a few days, they can be confident about quickly re-shipping replacement orders to customers.

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