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eCommerce Healthcare and Delivery: Annual Checkup

Examining the transformative trends shaping the healthcare supply chain in eCommerce.

The rise of eCommerce has extended its reach into the healthcare industry, with the market reaching a staggering $310 billion in 2022 and projected to grow to $614 billion by 2026. Amidst this rapid growth, InsureShield® Shipping Insurance by UPS Capital produced the 2023 eCommerce Healthcare and Delivery: Annual Checkup report aiming to assist businesses in navigating the evolving demands and challenges of healthcare shipping.

Consumers are now more comfortable than ever with direct-to-consumer (D2C) healthcare shipments, as 87% of surveyed consumers reported feeling comfortable having healthcare items shipped directly to them. However, the surge in healthcare deliveries is not without its challenges, as businesses face increasing instances of porch piracy, weather-induced delays, and other shipping mishaps.

Top 3 Consumer Concerns for D2C Healthcare Shipments:

  • 30% – Lost Packages
  • 24% – Stolen Packages
  • 27% – Delayed Shipments

The 2023 eCommerce Healthcare and Delivery: Annual Checkup report highlights key areas of concern and offers valuable insights to help healthcare businesses enhance their shipping experience. Topics covered in the report include:

  • The increasing demand for D2C healthcare services and its implications
  • The effects of weather on healthcare shipments and its impact on business operations
  • The financial toll of shipping mishaps on businesses and potential solutions
  • The future of healthcare shipping, including predictive analytics and comprehensive coverage policies
Close up of a pharmacist pulling medicine from a pharmacy box
Healthcare Delivery Pulse Check Tackling Shipping Challenges for an Emerging Market
Download the complete report for essential insights into how healthcare companies can:
  • Effectively address and prevent shipping-related mishaps
  • Implement technology for improved supply chain visibility and analysis
  • Enhance customer experience by optimizing healthcare delivery services