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A Policy That Pays for Itself

InsureShield® shipping insurance puts an end to JCR Distributors’ declared-value claims battle.

All white loft bathroom with a large plant and tub

Shipping high-end, fragile porcelain and glass items comes with an inherent risk for loss.

For Dallas, Texas-based JCR Distributors, which ships luxury residential kitchen and bath products from manufacturers to customers across the United States, losses were stacking up, resulting in delayed customer orders while they waited for claims to be resolved with shipping carriers.

The Challenge

Delayed customer orders due to unresolved claims with shipping carriers

All carriers are required by law to offer a liability program, but it is not the same as insurance and coverage varies widely by carrier. There are also many exceptions carriers can use to deny a claim.

“If you’re lucky, you might get a third of your value back. Most times, you get nothing,” said Brad Sledge, general manager, JCR Distributors.

The Solution

More comprehensive insurance coverage to protect small packages and larger LTL shipments

With InsureShield® for UPS Packages, JCR could choose to fully insure any small package shipment when its shipping label is prepared.

Since more than 50% of JCR’s orders ship LTL, InsureShield® Complete, an all-risk cargo insurance policy that offers concealed damage protection, helps cover packages that may not be opened the day of delivery.

“We were losing our hat on damages that were discovered weeks after delivery,” Brad said.

The Result

JCR can quickly replace a customer’s order without worrying about claims

Brad noted that his policy pays for itself each year and he doesn’t miss fighting the claims battle with carriers. “The best part is that we can reship a replacement product to a customer immediately because I know I’m going to get paid.” 

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