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Insuring Pacific East Aquaculture’s high-value coral.

Brightly colored clove polyps coral in the Pacific East

Time and temperature matter when shipping live coral from coast to coast.

Pacific East Aquaculture, the largest indoor coral farm and reef livestock retail and wholesale operation in the U.S., was getting increasingly frustrated with their shipping carrier.

The Challenge

Losing product and having angry customers due to delayed shipments

Shipping mishaps and delays left Pacific East’s exotic and expensive coral sitting at the carrier’s facility, resulting in the loss of the coral. The carrier’s liability did not cover the invoice value of their goods, which could be thousands of dollars.

“We had a lot of delayed shipments and our coral would sit at the carrier’s facility for days. We had quite a few irate customers,” said Dr. Mac Terzich, board-certified veterinary pathologist and co-founder of Pacific East Aquaculture.


Overnight shipping with insured shipping coverage for the unexpected

 Next Day Air® shipping, backed by UPS Capital’s InsureShield® for UPS® Packages solution ensured swift transit and insurance coverage up to the retail value of the goods if a loss occurred.

The Result

Reduced shipping and delivery issues and insurance coverage for the unexpected

To add even more user-friendliness to Pacific East’s order system, UPS integrated Worldship® shipping technology along with UPS Quantum View. This helped enhance visibility and let customers track their own packages.

Dr. Mac said, “For us, it’s about peace of mind. And this is revolutionary!”

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