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Logistics Manager John Modica at Made PC in Englishtown, New Jersey was happy for several years with their insurance policy that covered UPS® shipments. But as the online reseller of computers, printers and networking devices grew, submitting claims with other shippers and modes of transportation became pretty time consuming.

The Challenge

Complex and expensive shipping insurance wasn’t providing comprehensive coverage

“We were not getting paid on a lot of other carrier claims, so we had to find another option,” said John.

The Solution

Multi-carrier shipping insurance simplifies insurance decisions and claims process

UPS Capital’s multi-carrier shipping insurance allows Made PC to choose and pay for only the shipments they want to insure against damage and loss. Instead of as an upfront fee, which isn’t ideal for John who doesn’t know what his upcoming sales volume will be, the premium is billed per package or per shipment.

The Result

Improved business outcomes with advanced technology

Integrating InsureShield® Connect and its suite of APIs into their order management system helped automate the insured shipping process, making it easy to take care of both Made PC and their customers in case of an in-transit loss or damage.

“UPS Capital improved our processes by making them a lot less stressful, and freed up time for a staff member,” said John.

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