Customer Stories

RAE Solutions, LLC Grows Customer Satisfaction

Consumer-elected protection provides peace of mind for company and its growing customer base.

Red Jeep without doors parked on beach with surfboard attached to roof

Since 2021, RAE Solutions, LLC’s signature product, RAEZUM Door Lifts and Racks™, has allowed customers to quickly remove, store, and reinstall their Jeep® car doors without ever physically lifting the door. This allows owners to ensure that both they and their cars remain damage-free so they can spend more time enjoying life in the wind and sun.

The Challenge

The emerging risk of porch piracy

RAE Solutions, LLC recognized porch piracy as an emerging risk to their business. Knowing they offer a high value product, and that any losses would fall back on them, the team sought out a way to tackle this threat.

The Solution

Protecting bottom line, reputation, and customer satisfaction

RAE Solutions, LLC downloaded UPS Capital’s InsureShield® App for Shopify and enabled the consumer-elected protection feature, empowering their customers to elect protection for their shipments at an affordable price during checkout.It gives their customers peace of mind that issues can be resolved quickly and easily. And it helps RAE Solutions, LLC, feel confident that shipments are covered for lost, damaged or porch pirated shipments - protecting their bottom line and reputation.

The Result

A proactive approach to the claims process

RAE Solutions, LLC wanted a proven partner like UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. that could help them be successful in shipping protection while providing a white-glove customer experience. To date, implementing checkout coverage has protected the team’s time, reputation, and capital.

"Through the consumer-elect feature, it doesn’t just protect customer shipments, it protects the company, too. It’s a no-brainer to have safeguards in place that give value and peace of mind to the customer and company, all at once,” said John Schultheis, co-inventor and co-owner of RAE Solutions, LLC.

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