File a Claim

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File a Claim

Have a problem with a package?  Log into the InsureShield® online portal, provide the details and then track the status of your claim.

How Does the Claim Process Work?

Let’s take the stress out of shipping claims. Here’s how:


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We typically pay claims within a matter of days assuming all required documents have been provided to support your claim. If additional information is needed to review your claim further, the adjuster will notify you in writing. 

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Each claim is different and as a result, may require different documents. However, almost all claims require proof of loss and documentation reflecting the value of the loss, such as an invoice or bill of sale. In addition, the following items may also be requested: freight invoice, packing list, replacement invoice, repair estimate, photos of the goods and packaging and, if lost, a police report or statement of non-receipt by the receiver.

If you experience a loss or damage, you must file a claim as soon as possible. This will provide the adjuster time to identify any needed steps or documentation so you can be paid in a timely fashion.

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If the shipment was transported by a carrier other than UPS, you should notify the carrier immediately.

You can log into the claim portal and click the Claims tab to find all your claims. 

If you have questions about your coverage or a claim, you can email or call 877.263.8772 to speak to a representative.