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What is Shipping Insurance?

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What is Shipping Insurance?

Learn how shipping insurance can help protect your business and enhance your customer service.

Resources to Get You Started
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Resources to Get You Started

Learn more about the benefits that shipping insurance offers your business.


We can cover most items as well as those typically not covered by carrier tariffs including perishables, wine and spirits, and items with a face value like gift cards.

Services are available for all company sizes. For merchants selling through Shopify, there is an app. For mid-to-large businesses, InsureShield® Connect and InsureShield® Complete offer coverage across carriers and modes.

For occasional coverage of a business shipment, we suggest you use InsureShield® OnDemand. If you sell goods via Shopify, you can download our app and get a policy.

If your business needs continuous shipment coverage, customized coverage, or specialty coverage for unique or time sensitive goods, you can speak with one of our licensed representatives to get a quote and policy for your business.