Multi-carrier Coverage

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Multi-carrier Coverage

Get shipment protection across carriers.

Shipping Insurance Designed with Your Business in Mind

Deliver a gold-standard experience with coverage for your FedEx®, UPS®, USPS®, DHL® and other carrier freight shipments.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Get worldwide coverage up to the invoice value, regardless of carrier or mode.

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Customized Insurance

Choose what you want to cover based on your unique business needs.

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Quick Claims

Take the pain out of claims. Use our portal to upload, view and track claims 24/7.

InsureShield® Connect

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InsureShield® Connect

Transactional pay-as-you go protection across all carriers and modes

InsureShield® Complete

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InsureShield® Complete

For businesses that ship everything from small packages to freight in one easy policy.

InsureShield® App for Shopify

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InsureShield® App for Shopify

Set your insurance preferences and offer the option of protection during checkout.

Resources to Get You Started

Learn more about the benefits cargo insurance offers your business.

Not Sure What’s Right for You?

See what product best fits your business needs or talk to a representative today.