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Personalized Shipping Experiences: The Next Frontier for eCommerce Report

Learn what consumers are looking for in an online experience.

Surges in eCommerce over the past two years have signaled good news for businesses, but have also created more opportunities for shipping mishaps. Consumers are increasingly concerned about missing and damaged packages in the face of rising risks like porch piracy. For small and medium businesses (SMBs) looking to drive brand loyalty and revenue, now is the time to really lean in and listen to the ever-shifting needs of today’s consumers.

This report reveals that today’s shoppers are looking for more options and control over the shipping process than ever before.

To get a better sense of the next eCommerce frontier, UPS Capital recently commissioned two surveys seeking insights from both consumers and SMBs on their shipping experience preferences.

In this exclusive report from UPS Capital, you’ll get insight into:

  • The top factors driving shoppers to leave negative reviews
  • What new shipping experience perks shoppers would prioritize over 2-day shipping
  • Why consumers are seeking more options to protect the items they buy online – and how shipping insurance can be a solve
  • How much shoppers would be willing to pay to get better control over the last mile
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Gain Insights to Drive Customer Loyalty
In this report, you will learn about:
  • How to protect your business from shipping mishaps.
  • Grow your ecommerce business.
  • What drives buyers to leave negative reviews.