InsureShield® Partner Claims Portal

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InsureShield® Partner Claims Portal

Claims filing made easy for channel partner customers.

Ready, Set, File

We've crafted a customized digital claims experience exclusively for the customers of our channel partners. The process streamlines claims and gives customers greater transparency and control to file claims themselves. Here's how it works:

Is Your Customer Filing a Claim?

With the Guest Portal Link in hand, shippers can sign-in and file a claim in four easy steps:

FAQ for Shippers

Claims vary but typically require proof of value and loss. Photos of damage, packaging, invoices, or bills of sale serve as valuable proof. Additional documents may be requested, such as freight invoices, repair estimates, or police reports for lost/stolen packages. Your claims adjuster will guide you further.

No, claims must be started and submitted in one go or you will lose your progress. Have necessary documentation handy. Insufficient or problematic documents may lead to delays.

Report losses or damages promptly in accordance with applicable policy terms and conditions for timely processing. 

Check the portal using the Claim Detail link emailed after claim submission or log in directly to track progress.

Claims are typically paid within a matter of days, assuming all required documents have been provided to support your claim. If additional information is needed, the adjuster will notify you in writing.

Claims are paid by ACH or direct deposit based on the customer’s preferences.

Yes, the shipping platform company you use can view and access all claims submitted that are attached to its InsureShield® policy. 

Yes. However, when you submit claims directly rather than through your shipping partner, you have more control and direct access to the people who manage claims at UPS Capital, enhancing your experience and the speed of processing  your claim.

UPS Capital evaluates and processes InsureShield® claims for goods shipped through your platform. InsureShield polices are brokered by the UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc.

If you have questions about your  protection or a claim, you can email