Access Resources to Get the Full Picture

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Access Resources to Get the Full Picture

Learn more about the data that powers DeliveryDefense™ Address Confidence scores and how you can reduce potential losses.

In-Depth Insights

We have a library of resources available to help you understand what data is collected, how it’s used and how it can help improve your margins and delivery outcomes.

What’s in an Address Score?

What’s in an Address Score?

Petabytes of delivery address data layered with AI and Machine Learning help identify risk and a successful delivery outcome.

Beyond the Score

Beyond the Score

Take proactive steps with DeliveryDefense™ Address Confidence to help ensure streamlined operations and satisfied customers.

Reduce Post-Delivery Losses By Up To 40%*

Follow the below recommendations for addresses that fall below your confidence score threshold and never worry about compromising your customer experience.


How does it work?

InsureShield® Shipping Insurance

Add shipping insurance to protect packages from loss, damage, and porch pirated theft.

UPS Access Point® Locations

Reroute packages to one of the more than 22,000 UPS Access Point locations in the US to ensure smooth deliveries and optimize the customer experience.

Adult Signature Required

Require an adult signature upon delivery for at-risk packages.

Adjust Returns Process to Reduce Impact of Empty Box Returns

Delay customer refunds until the returned item is in hand, or leverage a “no box, no label” solution such as through Happy Returns.

View Your Address Data

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View Your Address Data

Plot your prior year’s shipping history across the DeliveryDefense Address Confidence bands and see your loss distribution.

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It's More Than Software

It's More Than Software

DeliveryDefense is a strategic advantage.

By minimizing losses, saving valuable time, and optimizing resources, it empowers businesses to navigate e-commerce complexities seamlessly.

*Statistics are valid as of the last day of the most recently ended calendar quarter. Actual scores are based on delivery, claims and other data collected during the 24 months preceding the date the score is rendered.