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Beyond Expectations: SunJoy's Path to Exceptional Shipping

Leading the promotional products industry with bolstered insurance, claims support and address confidence scoring. 

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Established in 2007, SunJoy reigns as a leader in promotional products, offering top-tier tech, golf accessories, and drinkware. From concept, to manufacturing and delivery, SunJoy sets industry standards as a one-stop solution, pushing for exceptional customer experiences.

The Challenge

Protecting high-value goods in transit

In the last three years, Sunjoy experienced remarkable growth owing to their commitment to delivering world-class service and the eCommerce boom. Focusing on branded technology products, they quickly recognized the need for a robust shipping solution to protect their growing business and customers from potential shipping mishaps.

Prior to partnering with UPS Capital, SunJoy had challenges with carrier liability, resulting in inconsistent payouts and fragmented claims processes across multiple carriers. Disputes over damaged or lost orders bogged down their claims department, consuming valuable time, affected their bottom-line, and posed a threat to their reputation for stellar service.  With soaring eCommerce sales, the stakes were higher than ever to find a solution that would align with their shipping needs and maintain their outstanding customer experience.

The Solution

360-degree coverage with claims support and address confidence scores

Turning to UPS Capital, SunJoy was able to obtain multi-carrier, transactional shipping insurance through an InsureShield® Connect API integration. This integration provided seamless protection and streamlined claims, reducing their claims resolution time 40% from 5.1 to an impressive 2.5 days.  This rapid turnaround not only helped to safeguard SunJoy's bottom line but also fortified their ability to promptly address customer concerns, further cementing their reputation for exceptional service.

But the partnership did not stop there. SunJoy sought to enhance their post-purchase experience even further with UPS Capital’s DeliveryDefense™ Address Confidence, a tool that uses enriched delivery data to help businesses predict delivery outcomes before a shipping label is even created. In just one day, they were able to easily integrate the DeliveryDefense Address Confidence API into their order management system between the order fulfillment and order intake processes. Armed with insight into over 130 million US addresses, they began to be able to make informed shipping decisions to help improve their delivery success rates.

Address Confidence scores ranging from 100 – 1,000 empowered SunJoy to proactively assess risk. Addresses scoring under 700 trigger a validation process by SunJoy’s dedicated customer support team to ensure that the order is valid.  This meticulous vetting process fortifies the delivery chain by implementing precautions like adding mandatory signatures or redirecting shipments to secure UPS Access Point® locations.

Within the initial three months of using DeliveryDefense Address Confidence, SunJoy conducted 34,325 address searches, revealing that 4.2% of those addresses scored under 700, indicating a 16x higher likelihood of loss compared to higher scores. Notably, 260 addresses scored under 300, presenting a 21x higher risk of an unsuccessful delivery.


Building customer trust and loyalty through partnership

By collaborating with a partner whose values aligned seamlessly with their own, SunJoy ensured that their dedication to unparalleled customer experiences extended even to the resolution of shipping mishaps, bolstering their position as a reliable industry leader.

InsureShield Connect offered SunJoy more comprehensive shipping coverage and streamlined their claims process by extracting information and documents directly from their systems, minimizing human error, and accelerating the claims resolution process. These efficiencies have proven vital for their business, allowing them to save time and resources while maintaining a high level of satisfaction and trust with their customers. Additionally, DeliveryDefense Address Confidence provided them insights into delivery data that they never had before. In just a short time, SunJoy discovered that over 4% of their searched addresses scored under 700, prompting SunJoy to quickly implemented new internal processes to prevent potential post-shipment mishaps.

Together, these solutions are unstoppable. Leveraging DeliveryDefense Address Confidence helps SunJoy reduce up to 35% of their losses by alerting them of high-risk deliveries and giving them the opportunity to redirect shipments to a safer location, add adult signature required, or leverage UPS Access Point locations. In the event of an unpredictable loss, SunJoy has peace of mind knowing they have insurance coverage through InsureShield Connect, putting them in a position where they can continue to provide an unparalleled customer experience all while protecting their bottom line.

SunJoy's partnership with UPS Capital solidified their commitment to delivering exceptional customer experience while proactively managing shipping risks. In a competitive industry, their dedication to reliable shipping helps to secure seamless experiences, setting the stage for continued growth.

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