InsureShield® Complete

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InsureShield® Complete

Get cargo insurance to protect your business’s reputation and bottom line. 

Frustrated by Unpaid Freight Claims?

Don’t rely on carrier liability when there’s a loss or damage. Get real peace of mind.

Here’s What You Can Expect

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  • Coverage for in-transit pre-paid, freight collect, and third-party shipments.
  • Worldwide coverage for all ground, air and ocean freight carriers.
  • Claim payment up to the invoice value of your goods plus shipping.
  • Coverage for concealed damage, expediting expenses, general average losses and more.
  • Annual policy with flexible billing installments.
  • Additional options available for warehoused goods.

Real Customers. Real Solutions.

Ultimate Flexibility

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Ultimate Flexibility

Learn how InsureShield® Connect offers ultimate flexibility with pay-as-you-go protection.

Resources to Get You Started

Learn more about the benefits cargo insurance offers your business.