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Leather Spa: Where Quality Meets Shipping Assurance!

Leather Spa's journey towards nationwide premium leather care and sustainable packaging.

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With its roots rich in European heritage, Leather Spa prides itself on artisanal expertise, meticulous care, and an unwavering dedication to the finest materials. Founded by father-and-son duo Carlos and David Mesquita, Leather Spa is an industry leader known for revolutionizing the leather repair and care sector. Based in New York but tending to items worldwide, they offer superior repair services for shoes, handbags, furniture, small leather goods, and more, all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

The Challenge

Protecting high-value goods in transit

Leather Spa’s clientele entrust them to care for their high-value and treasured items, spanning from designer bags to family heirlooms. In years prior, Leather Spa simply relied on carrier liability coverage when shipments were lost or damaged. Unfortunately, claims were often not paid, causing a lot of friction with customers. As their mail-in business began to take off, they recognized the need to secure their clients’ valuable shipments from perils like loss, damage, and porch pirated theft.

One instance that sealed the deal for Leather Spa was when an inbound shipment of luxury leather shoes was unproperly packed and came open during transit, resulting in several shoes being lost in transit. While they did have carrier liability coverage, it was not nearly enough to cover the cost to replace the items. This left Leather Spa in a hard place, ultimately risking their reputation with the customer.

“With the goods we handle, which are often luxury and high-end brands, security and insurance are paramount. It’s about creating trust and offering a sense of comfort to our customers,” explained Mirel Sedic, Director of Operations at Leather Spa.

The Solution

Securing valuable shipments with UPS Capital

InsureShield® shipping insurance presented the ideal solution for their high-value packages, providing comprehensive coverage as well as a streamlined claims process when the unexpected happens. This partnership brings peace of mind to Leather Spa and its customers, ensuring their clients’ valuable items are covered from door to door. Leather Spa finds comfort knowing that their claims adjuster will be quick to respond and research the case.

“The insurance not only covers our valuable shipments in the event of loss, damage, or porch piracy, but also builds the trust and loyalty of our customers. They know they are protected, which makes them more inclined to return,” said David Mesquita, co-owner of Leather Spa.

The Results

Building customer trust and loyalty through partnership

InsureShield® shipping coverage has helped Leather Spa expand their online presence with confidence, allowing them to continue to offer a premium experience to their growing customer base. Together, they can assure customers that their shipments are protected from loss, damage, and porch piracy, to enhance trust and loyalty, while bolstering Leather Spa’s bottom line.

"We've seen a significant increase in the mail-in business, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. The added level of security for our customers gave them the confidence to send us their treasured items. By offering that security, we've seen our online business flourish, and customer loyalty has grown," said Mirel.

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